Biting into hot steamy Momos, with a lip-smacking, spicy chutney, in the lap of the majestic mountains are the stuffed inside the small dough

Posted on may 21, 2021 at 10:15 AM

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Momoz became a great snack nowadays with different menus, momos mainly originated from Nepal they prepare steamed momoz

the traditional food is fresh and juicy with stuffed vegetables but our stores provide all 7 different momoz with stuffed healthy ingredients

our momoz use freshand colourfulvegetables sauté in pan thepan-fried ingredientsstuffed inside the small dough then Wrappedinto different shapes and sizes these dumplings steamed with low flame

our momoz provide deep fried and tandoori momoz too!! In every bite the rich taste of spices and veggies will make you alive again and grab another momoz

You can enjoy this healthy and simple snack at beautiful evenings with your loved family and friends to taste this you are always welcome to our stores


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