If you need vitamins, antioxidants and dietary fibre in a glass,taste our lassiez

Posted on may 18, 2021 at 02:30 PMs

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India’s authentic and Punjab’s signature drink is lassi, a blend of fresh and delight curd churned well to perfection with salt and sugar

In a hot summer try our cool lassiez , in a cool winter try out v our spiced buttermilk. For every occasion and season, we have different flavoured lassiez

(Summers are best time to have cool lassiez and winter is best time for having spiced butter milk our lassiez provide refreshing drinks for every occasion and season)

Our traditional lassiez can make magics in day-to-day life, scientifically proven lassies can help to lose weight too We lassiez usea luscious and thick curd with needed sweet, salt and spicessounds so thirst quenching, right The best probiotic tasty andperfectlassiez are in our stores come and grab lassiez


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