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Every memory starts with an experience. Our Legacy provides numerous of those experiences to you, your family and friends. Our products are being promoted in India by Sri Datta Sri Food & Beverages Private Limited. SDS F&B Pvt. Ltd is a new generation organization engaged in the platform of creating ethnic, innovative and consistent food products.

As an emerging company, we formulate for the market needs and strive to provide products that are best of quality and taste. Our strength is “Enhancing the customer experience & enriching the belief”. Your trust and credence in us will never go unfulfilled. We go to lengths to maintain our reliability.

We are aware of the wide range of customer choices and needs, it’s not simple, but are in the process of achieving these needs with our one stop concept of Hot and Cold Beverages, Bites varieties to suit different kinds of taste palates at an affordable pricing. Our race to satisfy the demands of customers of all age groups will be relentless.

Our Conventional brands Koffeez, Lassiez, Momiez, Sandwiz, and Thick Shakez, are to satisfy the daily cravings of each individual. The combination of all our brands under single platform with innovative and Hygienic space is Kitchenette.

A quality cup of Tea or Coffee during the morning to energize the body, a cup in the evening to relax after a hard day’s work is a necessity for most of us.

Nourishments like Sandwiches, Momos are an excellent addition to the beverages when you work or relax. We keep in mind, the minute details that make you absolutely satisfied with your choices from our Menu.

Keeping in purview the fact that Tea, Coffee, Lassies, Shakes, are among the most consumed beverages and an integral part of the daily routine for many people. Bites like Sandwiches and Momos are saviours in times of deep hunger. We design our products and menu only after extensive & rigorous research. Raw materials for the products being procured from authentic and exquisite flavours of India and the world. We make sure our customer’s requests and wishes are fulfilled to the best. Based on customer reviews, keeping in mind the experience that is being expected from us.

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Why Koffeez ?

  • One of the smoothest and richest cups of Hot beverage prepared with natural ingredients that one will ever taste.
  • Wide spread of healthy beverages
  • Relishing service.
  • We are conscious to ensure that no artificial elements are involved in our Menu.
  • Authenticated filter Coffee & Chai, can boost physical performance and may reduce risk of depression.
  • Systematic process of Preparing hot healthy beverage with great taste giving ethnic homemade essence.
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Why Lassiez ?

  • Lassi, a popular traditional yogurt-based drink originated in the Indian subcontinent, is relished by many people.
  • We Prepare recipes from natural ingredients. We use fresh curd / milk to prepare all our drinks (lassi, shakes, smoothies).
  • We attempt hard to create healthy, tasty and nutritious products.
  • All the variant products on the menu are delicious, proven and good for all seasons with essential nutrients like proteins, calcium and potassium.
  • Our preparation makes you feel full and a good choice of diet.
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Why Momiez ?

  • Momos make your dull days brighter and your boring days more entertaining
  • Handcrafted healthy Momos recipe made with nutritious stuffing and special species with No preservatives added, melts in mouth in seconds.
  • Not just delicious, but has various varieties to fulfil the mouth watering desire of bite.
  • Whether it's something little, or something big, Momos taste impacts on satisfying hunger.
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Why Sandwiz ?

  • Quick Meal on the Go.
  • Exotic Ingredients
  • Plays a key role in instilling healthy dietary
  • Savior in the times of hectic schedules.
  • Different varieties to feed hunger with taste, any time any day.
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Why Thick Shakez ?

  • Unification of Milk, Ice cream, and flavourings.
  • Labelled as a "shorthand for thickness, sweetness and goodness"
  • Made from Distinct ingredients..
  • Personal choice of blends to experiment.
  • A Sip to gratify the taste buds.
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Why Kitchenette ?

  • Economically more profitable than dine-outs
  • Emergent dynamics in F & B industry.
  • Opportunity for Experimentation.
  • Added Convenience.
  • Lower Overheads
  • Operative yield.
  • Flexible Menu.
  • Supported by Excellent team.
  • Huge range of delightful menu under one roof.
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